Be Still

I love seeing egrets and herons. The way they are frozen in place, looking so tall and majestic,  gives an air of peace about them.

When I see one of these great birds, no matter how rushed or crazy my day, I have to pause and gaze at them. I’ve been known to suddenly crane my neck when going past a body of water. They can stop me right in my tracks. There’s just something  about their calm appearance that stirs me from within.

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Even A Vapor

Each year for our anniversary, my husband and I stay at our favorite inn, overlooking the Delaware River and Buck’s County. If you get up early enough, you might see a mist arising from the river. Not only that, but also arising from the canal behind the trees. It is so cool to see, but you can’t get up too late, or turn your eyes away for too long or you will miss the scene entirely.

As a young teenager, Continue reading Even A Vapor